Trying to improve upon the network of narrators previously built as a traditional node-link network diagram. The study I conducted can be found here.

Following is a Hive Plot that arranges each category of narrators on a different line, sorting them in order of out edges they have. The lines (or edges) connecting two narrators (or nodes) depicts that either one of them has narrated from or two the other.

We can then colour the edges to the colour of the narrator’s category. This is useful to see the direction of communication for a narration.

Perhaps a granular view of the “links” is required, in which case we can show 3 categories instead of plotting all at once.

Prophet’s Family, Companions, and Tabi’een

Companions, Tabi’een, and Taba’ Tabi’een

Tabi’een, Taba’ Tabi’een, and Third Century Scholars